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Positioning conscience above all values and aligning your business accordingly has become much more important than profit or sales, or even social responsibility projects. The concept of Purpose or Brand Purpose is expressed as “Conscience First” in IBE.

We support every organization operating to create social value in the fields of research, marketing and project sales. We offer solutions to brands/companies by which they can unite on a common ground.

Instead of carrying out a social responsibility project for your company, we transform it in a way that it acts according to “Conscience”. Because we act with conscience.

Contact us for corporate trainings, certificate programs, workshops, consultancy services to start your transformation.

Transformation with “Conscience First” approach

We help businesses listen to their conscience in order to become a purpose-oriented company that values sustainability and creates social value. We adapt the “Conscience First” approach to your corporate culture with different methods and keep it alive.

You can contact us for detailed information about transforming your business together with all its stakeholders and completely according to the “Conscience First” approach.

İBE olarak biz de Önce Vicdan diyoruz. Ülkemizin toplumsal değerleri için çalışan tüm STK’lara (dernek, vakıf, meslek birliği vb) kanıta dayalı yaklaşımımızla destek olmak için ücretsiz olarak Stratejik Yönetim ve İletişim Eğitimi veriyoruz.