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Human Week

“Human Week New Employee(r) Experience: Remote But Closer” event will consider people not only as employees or leaders working for an organization, but also as individuals trying to make sense of the world in the post-pandemic new order. As the world is getting ready to enter the next phase following the pandemic, understanding different needs of humans and meanings attributed to work life by employees should be at the center of Human Resources practices. Supporting this perspective, we embrace a holistic approach an bring together experts from different fields of human resources, psychology, sociology and communication to discuss how “employee experience” is going to be shaped in the near future and what new roles can we expect from HR then on.

Placing human agency who purposefully make decisions at the center and with the purpose of delineating on the new “human experience” in this integrated program, we will try to address how and what feeling and thinking patterns are being formed by humans in the general sense, but as well asby humans as employees participating in organizational processes. Variety of topics such as formation of hybrid working models, work-life balance, work psychology, leadership roles, emotional engagement, opportunities and difficulties of forming, managing and training teams will be included in the event calendar. Potential changes in the organizational culture and behavior will be discussed as well.

Taken for granted regulations of HR Management will likely be – which has actually already been – subjected to further modifications and improvements in transition to new work paradigm. But how do we make sure of mental health and wellbeing of employees adapting to new ways of working and living ? Do we need a new definition of “being human” in order to design workspaces, organize and train efficient teams and etc. or what we need is only several practical adjustments made out of necessity? Focusing on employee experience we will try to tackle these questions throughout the “Human Week”.