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We embrace a scientific tradition that values the evidence first in management, education and research…

Our Institute was founded by Prof.Dr. Ali Atıf Bir. IBE, with its evidence, results and solution orientation; brings a different approach to the world of education, research and management, marketing and brand consultancy.

In IBE, formal and hybrid and distance trainings and certificate programs are offered in the subjects of Individual and corporate management, communication, marketing, media, research, statistics and data analysis. In addition, our institute contributes to the development of the business world with creative webinars.

Our institute will guide the businesses aiming to create social value by positioning “Conscience” above all values. In line with this perspective, IBE tries to strengthen Turkish NGOs by providing Strategic Management and Communication Management Trainings free of charge with a special program.

IBE’s motto describes its mission:

Look at the evidence, choose science!



 We choose science, we look at the evidence!

 We aim to disseminate educational, research-based data-driven, innovative models.

 We are moving towards a business model transformation that focuses on people!

 Our aim is not only to provide training and certification. We provide the ability to generate knowledge from knowledge and to disseminate new knowledge!

 We believe in empowerment!