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Our Method

IBE studies are based on Future Design Clinic (FDC) method developed by our founder, Prof. Dr. Ali Atıf Bir.

Future Design Clinic is IBE’s method of strategically analyzing business problems and producing solutions. The company’s decision makers are brought together with Delphi Technique in 1 or 2 days long meetings to reveal “root” problems and produce solutions. Possible solutions are then tracked by expert academics and teams that work together until the desired results are achieved. FDC has been implemented with more than 50 meetings in 30 different companies to date and has helped many companies achieve their growth targets. In addition to FDCs, we arrange call meetings devoted to increase sales and using IDEALS method we aim to identify the factors that hinder sales in persuasive messages and to develop key messages that do not lead to objections. We deepen our findings with qualitative research methods such as metaphor analysis.

Our Solutions

Advertising, Brand, Corporate Communication and Activation


Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience

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Organization, Culture and Transformation

At IBE, we offer you solutions in different areas such as strategic brand management, advertising efficiency, media planning, customer experience and corporate culture change. We help you elevate your product to a trusted “brand” level or create a distinctive vibration in the minds consumers by increasing your brand’s image and awareness. We give you a competitive advantage by increasing your brand value. We take care of your reputation by paying attention to the triangle of corporate performance, behavior and communication and at the same time help you keep strong relations with stakeholders. If globalization and digitalization drifts your corporate culture toward the change, we initiate the transformation by reviewing the values ​​of your institution. We stand by you as you manage change. You can write to us for detailed information and more…