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Productivity! Scientific Media Planning and Control

With its 25 years of experience in media planning, IBE answers the questions ``For which target, which media should be used, how much, how often and at what price?`` and also “How much“Return” should be taken?” providing effective solutions with ease and certainty.

We work with the brand's own media planning company or with an appropriate company chosen together, in order to use the advertising budget in accordance with the targets and to get the most benefit from every penny spent to the content. Campaigns are monitored weekly and corrections are made, the advertiser is warned when the planning does not work, and is prevented from throwing the rest of its budget down the drain rathole. Deviations from the targets are determined by post analysis.


Marketing Mall Marketing and Promotion

The success of a shopping mall is depend on determining the right store mix for its target audience, turning this mix into reality as well as sustaining it. Realization depends on explaining how the shopping center is positioned to the retail sector, and its sustainability depends on increasing the daily number of people entering and the average basket size of the shopping center according to the marketing plan from the day it was opened.

IBE consultants take X-rays of malls, analyzes it and guarantee the success by providing guidance in its ``marketing and marketing communication`` journey.


Sales Sales Message Development and Sales Management

With IBE’s Sales Increasing Call Meeting (SICM) Method, the messages used by the salespeople for persuasion are revealed and the factors that hinder the sale are determined. In order to develop key messages that do not cause objections, the sales message is determined with the IBE IDEALS technique and taught to all salespeople with theater techniques. In this way, the persuasion skills of the salespeople within the organization are improved.


Customer Experience Customer Experience, Customer Happiness and Complaint Management

The touchpoints that the customer encounters while using our service and product; the features that make the customer happy, the facts and the elements they complain about, in fact, are not exaggerated issues. If the decision makers within the institution come together with complementary experts by using IBE Future Design Clinic (FDC) Method; we can create, prioritize and develop implementation plans to form a “to-do list” which will ensure a smooth customer experience and complaint management in a short time. The rest of the work is the follow-up of the application. This can be accomplished quickly, depending on the firm's resource transfer.


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